Controlled by a microprocessor and driven by a D.C. brushless motor. It has the advantages of large capacity, low noise, LCD display for the speed and time, and steady performance. With the special resist-vibration, it can automatically balance running.


It is suggested using with 3E PRP.

3E PRP Centrifuge

  • Components: 

    A centrifuge unit, 6 rotors (4 x 15ml + 2 x 50ml swing rotor),  Plastic cover, Operating instructions, and Q.C. 


    Technical Data:

    Max. Speed = 4000 rpm

    Max. RCF = 2420 x g

    Max. Capacity: 4 x 50 ml

    Timer Range: 0 - 99 minutes

    Motor: 40W Brushless Motor

    Power: 220V 50Hz 5A

    Weight: 22 kg / 48.5 lbs

    Dimension: 18.9 x 13.4 x 11.0 inches


    3E PRP Protocol:

    3E PRP (10cc): 3000 RPM for 5 minutes

    3E PRP (20cc): 3000 RPM for 5 minutes for a male patient, or 2600 RPM for 6 minutes for a female patient. 



    1. The warranty for the main machine is valid for one year.

    2. The warranty for the plastic rotor of the centrifuge is valid for three year

    3. We suggest replacing the plastic rotor after 3 years of use from the date of delivery. Otherwise, we will not guarantee protection from accidents resulting from damage to the rotor. 



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