VIOLA PLLA MICROCOG is a new type of PLLA thread for lifting. This product utilizes effective barbed PLLA sutures in a spiral formation that surrounds the sterile needle without using a cannula. This allows for a greater, non-invasive thread treatment that maximizes lifting effort. PLLA threads are made of Poly-L-Lactic Acid material.


Although the MicroCog uses 5-0 thin threads, this product contains enough strength for proper pulling. The barbed suture coiled around the needle provides volume and excellent lifting results simultaneously.


Compared to PDO threads that generally bio-degrade after six months, PLLA threads take an average of 24 months for full biodegradation. As a result, PLLA threads can stimulate more collagen for a longer duration and boost the volume of the skin. 

Application: Full Face and Neck

PLLA MicroCog

  • **Box Order Saving (vs. Pouch Order):

    Save more by ordering a box package.

    See details below to find which items apply (discount % is based on box and pouch price comparison ratio):

    • 25G 38mm: 10% off 
    • 25G 60mm: 10% off 



    2 units x 10 packs = 1 pouch (20 units)

    5 pouches = 1 box (100 units)


    How to Store:

    • Avoid direct exposure to the sun.
    • Keep it at a temperature of 18-25°C / 64-77°F.


    How to Use:

    1. Preparation before use

    • Prepare alcohol pads for sterilization.
    • Before opening the package, inspect the packaging and verify that the product is properly sealed and sterilized.
    • Verify that the product has not passed expiration date.

    2. Instruction

    • Open the package and remove the protective cap from each product.
    • Sterilize the treatment area with alcohol pads.
    • During the treatment: muscle tension, cramp, and coughing may damage insertion of needle. Damaged needle can cause an inaccurate puncture.
    • Accuracy in puncture is required. For cannula type threads: first insert the needle, and apply pressure on thread until it is completely inserted.
    • Ensure to insert the needle no more than ⅔ of its length.
    • When the needle is difficult to remove, softly massage the muscle, gently move the needle back and forth, and slowly pull out.
    • Reusing this product is strictly prohibited.



    • Do not use after it is expired.
    • Do not use for other purposes.
    • Do not use when any allergic or infection symptoms occur.
    • Must be used only by a medical professional.


    How to Keep and Manage After Use:

    • Dispose all used needles after it has been opened or used in a sharp container.
    • Seal in pouch after it has been opened to prevent needles and threads from being oxidized.
    • It is recommended to use all needles and threads inside pouch within 1-2 months after the pouch has been opened. 


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