VIOLA TWIST is a PDO smooth thread coiled around the needle for an extra collagen stimulation boost per thread insertion. This will effectively increase the threads' contact area with a subcutaneous layer of fat, further allowing fibrous connective tissues to develop.


PDO (Polydioxanone) threads generally last around six months for full biodegradation post-insertion.The thread insertion stimulates collagen production during the six-month period and the results from the stimulation may last up to 12-24 months.


Topical anesthesia is strongly recommended for the treatment. Swelling may last 3-5 days after treatment, and bruising is different for everyone.


Application: Full Face and Body: Tear Troughs, Crow’s Feet, Nasolabial Folds, Jawline, Infraorbital Wrinkles, Smoke Lines, and Cheek Augmentation

PDO Twist

  • **Box Order Saving (vs. Pouch Order):

    Save more by ordering a box package.

    See details below to find which items apply (discount % is based on box and pouch price comparison ratio):

    • 29G 38mm: 14% off 
    • 29G 60mm: 12% off 
    • 26G 38mm: N/A 
    • 26G 60mm: N/A



    10 units x 2 packs = 1 pouch (20 units)

    5 pouches = 1 box (100 units)


    How to Store:

    • Avoid direct exposure to the sun.
    • Keep it at a temperature of 18-25°C / 64-77°F.


    How to Use:

    1. Preparation before use

    • Prepare alcohol pads for sterilization.
    • Before opening the package, inspect the packaging and verify that the product is properly sealed and sterilized.
    • Verify that the product has not passed expiration date.

    2. Instruction

    • Open the package and remove the protective cap from each product.
    • Sterilize the treatment area with alcohol pads.
    • During the treatment: muscle tension, cramp, and coughing may damage insertion of needle. Damaged needle can cause an inaccurate puncture.
    • Accuracy in puncture is required. For cannula type threads: first insert the needle, and apply pressure on thread until it is completely inserted.
    • Ensure to insert the needle no more than ⅔ of its length.
    • When the needle is difficult to remove, softly massage the muscle, gently move the needle back and forth, and slowly pull out.
    • Reusing this product is strictly prohibited.



    • Do not use after it is expired.
    • Do not use for other purposes.
    • Do not use when any allergic or infection symptoms occur.
    • Must be used only by a medical professional.


    How to Keep and Manage After Use:

    • Dispose all used needles after it has been opened or used in a sharp container.
    • Seal in pouch after it has been opened to prevent needles and threads from being oxidized.
    • It is recommended to use all needles and threads inside pouch within 1-2 months after the pouch has been opened. 


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