3E PRP is a patented, innovative PRP kit designed for rapid and easy extraction of highly enriched PRP.


What is PRP?:


Plantelet Rich Plasma (PRP) refers to the blood plasma which contains various growth factors that stimulate healing and regenation in human body. PRP therapy uses the growth factors in PRP which is sperated from autologous blood to eliminate the risk of side effect and rejection.


Why Choose 3E PRP?:


  • Efficient: It allows PRP extraction from small amount of blood in short time with a single certrifugation.
  • Safe: It has minimized risk of contamination and side effects.
  • Convenient: It is all-in-one kit which contains syringe, connector, and cap. Highly riched PRP can be extrated by only using this single kit. 


PRP Applications


Dermatology: burn, bedsore, chronic ulcer, and autologous fat graft

Plastic Surgery: skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and acne

Alopecia Clinic: hair loss prevention and hair growth stimulation

Orthopedics: knee cartilage repair, shoulder pain, and lateral epicondylitis 

Dentistry: implant surgery, wisdom tooth extraction, and bone graft

3E PRP Kit - 10 cc (10 sets/box)

  • Components:

    10cc Kit, 5cc Syringe, 1cc Syringe, Cap, and Connector



    Anticoagulant (1.5cc) + Blood (8.5cc) = Total 10cc  


    Use of Centrifuge

    RPM = 3,000  |  Time = 5 minutes  |  Spin = 1 time



    Blood Gathering:

    1) Place a needle and draw 1.5cc of ACD-A. Then, replace the needle and collect 8.5cc of blood from a patient using 10cc 3E PRP kit. 

    2) Remove the needle and seal the entrance with the cap.

    3) Remove the plunger by turning it anti-clockwise.

    4) Shake gently to mix. 


    5)  Place the kit in the centrifuge opening-side up, and set counterbalance on the other side of the kit. Weight should be matched on the both sides to prevent malfunction of the centrifuge. 

    6) Run the centrifuge in 3000 RPM (Gvalue: 1570) for 5 minutes. 


    7)Take out the kit carefully from the centrifuge without agitating it, and place the plunger back by turning it clockwise.

    8) Remove the cap and connect the connector to the kit. 

    9) Connect 5cc syringe and extract sufficient amount of PRP by pushing the plunger up to the marked point.

    10) Connect 1cc syringe to extract highly-riched PRP needed. 



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