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VIOLA Threads Lift Training Course offers comprehensive, yet detailed presentations with hands-on training for qualifying, licensed practitioners and is designed to enable each practitioner to integrate threads lifting into his/her practice. VIOLA Threads Lift Training Course provides Threads Lift Courses and Events that are the perfect fit in your business asset.

The course will teach top-of-notch technique to lift and tighten drooping skin area along the face without necessitating the invasive procedure at all. The course will also guide practitioners with the skills to provide skin rejuvenation service that reduce acne scarring, smooth flawless skin, life eyebrows and rebuild collagen, and more. It is non-surgical procedure that has become one of the most wanted after procedures from/by clients and the training will position practitioners to meet that need.

Viola Threads is currently offering Private Session Training Courses for one-on-one or small group instruction. Upon the successful completion of each program, practitioners can start using the learned techniques in real practice accordingly.

COVID-19 Update: Due to safety restrictions, training course availability and scheduling can vary. Courses may be limited and will have to be adjusted depending on current circumstances. Please fill out an application in order to schedule a training with us and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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