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All In Threads Competition - CLOSED

Viola Threads presents the All In Threads Competition, where your transformation takes center stage. Share your journey by submitting a before-and-after photo showcasing the remarkable results achieved with Viola Threads products. Our esteemed panel of judges, appointed by Viola Threads, will select three winners. Act swiftly, as the competition concludes on 11/30/2023.

Your opportunity to stand out awaits! 

How To Enter:

  • To enter the contest, participants must submit a before-and-after photo showcasing

    results achieved using Viola Threads products.

  • Photos must be submitted by email to with the subject line “Viola

    Threads All In Threads Competition” and must attach the completed Information & Consent Form, containing all of the following information:

    • Practitioner Name

    • Clinic Name and Address

    • Thread Type(s) Used

    • Treatment Area

    • Other Treatments Performed (if any, where and what)

    • Duration Between Before and After Photos

    • Consent Form​​

  • Terms & Conditions Apply.


First Place Prize

1 Box of Viola Threads PDO Cobra Coglyft

19G 100mm

(Valued at $2,000).

Second Place Prize

1 Box of Viola Threads PDO Molding Coglyft

18G 100mm

(Valued at $1,400).

Third Place Prize

1 Box of Viola Threads PDO Doublelyft Flat Mesh

20G 130mm

(Valued at $600).

Have questions? Contact us.

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