What is PLLA thread lift and how does it work?

PLLA stands for Poly-L-Lactic Acid, a substance which has been used for many years as a medical material for membrane (tissue regeneration), suture and surgical sealant and as injectable facial rejuvenation treatment which works to stimulate collagen for a younger look.
Now PLLA is available in a thread format, which is used in a different way.This new generation polymer is extracted from a plant – known for its absorbability and biodegradability very safe; breaks down into H2O, CO2 and Lactic acid after treatments. Compared to injectable treatments, thread lifting is a procedure which directly addresses the structure of the face through an immediate lifting effect, accompanied by a longer-term regeneration of collagen and natural volume.
Using a special ultrathin needle and cannula, the thread is introduced in the subcutaneous layer of the face skin. The depth of threads insertion, the distance between threads, the number and type depends on the patient’s face and expectation.

PLLA Lifting Effect

Threads are positioned beneath the skin and after that manipulated to tighten and lift the tissues. This is a gentle, non-invasive procedure, providing some of the benefits of a facelift – tighter, firmer skin with better definition to the facial features and with much more subtle and natural-looking results. Results are immediate – the lifting effect is the result of the practitioner manipulating the skin tissue after inserting the sutures. After inserting the suture, the doctor applies slight pressure on the treated areas, reshaping and recontouring the face making it look visibly toned and lifted.

PLLA Regenerating Effect

PLLA threads also work within the skin to stimulate renewal and rejuvenation, adding natural volume which tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through a production of collagen and improved blood circulation, contracting the tissue. The regenerative effect is gradual and happens over the 2-3 months following treatment. When the threads are placed, the PLLA acts on the deeper layers of the skin and naturally stimulate the body so that it produces new collagen. This boosts volume in the skin, making it appear firmer.

What to expect from the PLLA Thread Lift

• Reduces wrinkles, lines
• Lifts and tightens saggy or flabby skin, improving the definition
• Immediate results continue to improve skin elasticity and texture
• Brightens skin tone and complexion
• Produces more defined facial contours such as cheekbones
• Can sculpt more pleasing feature e.g. angle of the mouth

Advantages of PLLA Threads

• Long lasting results – generally longer lasting compared to the PDO threads
• Invisible through the skin – the PLLA threads are transparent (the PDO threads are with blue color)
• Excellent safety record over 30 years
• Naturally broken down by the body over about 18 months
• Results last around 24 months and wear off gradually
• Procedure can be repeated as required in the future, adjusted to best tackle ongoing facial aging


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